Rambling, Rants, and Ravings

from our tech studio.

What is your USP?

A timeliness question: What is your unique selling point? I personally think that this is a litmus-test question. If the answer is vague and not to-the-point, then it means that the agency lacks in-depth knowledge about the services they were questioned on.   Knowing-it-all attitude is poison. An agency cannot be good at everything, however […]

Our Office

We call our office: The Little Black Gate, based in Cavalry Ground, Lahore. We believe that any creative process is nurtured in a natural setting. Outdoors are themed in a cafe’ setting to help create a relaxing environment. Brainstorming sessions, client meetings, and ping pong matches keep our outdoors abuzz. Indoors are designed so our […]

Be the best on a shoestring budget

Would you rather have a whole grape or a slice of a watermelon? At Appsters, we focus on what we are good at. We are a team of dedicated web developers who enjoy working on algorithms and code optimization. But in the tech industry, projects demand design and marketing teams at the very least. Let’s face […]

Why we do, What we do!

Naivety is a good thing. Appsters was bootstrapped as an act of desperation. Workplaces seemed rigid and the system, unaccommodating. No client prospects, no team, and no capital. Wonderful! nothing to lose. One of my friends questioned me in the summer of 2014: “Are you the best?”. I replied without hesitation: “No”. But that’s the whole […]